Dr. Kawnish Kirtania

    Assistant Professor
    Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

    Department of Chemical Engineering
    Research area: thermo-catalytic conversion for energy and biofuels



Completed theses

Undergraduate theses and summer research reports
  • Janik Joshua, "Pyrolysis and gasification characteristics of biomass", practical supervisor, Monash University, Australia (2012)
  • Sean Chew, "Effect of Particle Size and Operating Parameters on the Pyrolysis of Biomass", practical supervisor, Monash University, Australia (2012)
Master theses
  • Joel Axelsson, "Catalytic gasification of the wood powder and lignin with physical property assessment of the feedstock", practical supervisor, Luleå University of Technology (2015)
  • Gustav Häggström, "Improving biofuel production efficiency by gasification of by-products from biodiesel and ethanol production", practical supervisor, Umeå University and Luleå University of Technology (2015)
  • Petter Lundqvist, "Hydrothermal liquefaction of industrial wastes", practical supervisor, Luleå University of Technology (2016)

Ongoing supervision

PhD Students
  • Albert Bach Oller, "Catalytic gasification of black liquor based fuels", assistant supervisor (principal supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Kentaro Umeki), Luleå University of Technology (Aug. 2014-)
  • Yawer Jafri, "Pilot scale co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis oil", assistant supervisor (principal supervisor: Prof. Rikard Gebart), Luleå University of Technology (Aug. 2015-)
MSc Students
  • Kazi Aurnob working on 'Optimizaiton of Hydrothermal updgrading of biomass/waste'
  • Abdullahil Mubdee working on 'Biochar production for soil amendment' and
  • Sayma Arfin working on 'Reaction mechanism identification for non-catalytic methane steam reforming through simulation and experimental study'
UG Thesis Groups
  • Four UG thesis groups